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Bio-architecture Formosana take first place with interactive learning hub

Last year, a ''Southern Branch Of The National Central Library And National Repository Library, Taiwan'' competition was launched to find designs for the Southern Branch of the National Central Library in Tainan, together with a book museum and a repository to preserve valuable digital academic materials. The competition brief called for a fresh vision to further the country’s international reach in the era of the knowledge economy. Now, BAF have been announced as the contest winners, with their proposal for an open and transparent learning environment that follows the contemporary definition of the library as an interactive hub rather than a formal space.

BAF based their concept on the idea of a town, where the main elements are linked together to create a community. The main lobby, also known as the “salon”, is an interactive flexible space for learning and events which redefines the traditional library reading room. A solar canopy providing shade and harnessing energy will be used for semi-outdoor events, where visitors can overlook the lush landscape. In order to create a lanscaped public realm central to the idea of a well-designed town, almost 90% of trees on site will be preserved, with others added to areas lacking vegetation.

The design created further links by bringing the museum into the main library. The curatorial theme of the exhibition is based around the ‘Life of a book’, beginning in the public main area with the Book-bot (ASRS- automated storage and retrieval system). The visitor will then enter the museum quarter, taking a look behind-the-scenes into activities such as book restoration, preservation and digitalisation.

The National Central Library is expected to open to the public in 2023.

Lucy Nordberg
TenderStream Head of Research

This competition was first published on 11.07.2018 by TenderStream here

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