The Executive Yuan verified a Proposal for the Public Construction of the Southern Branch of the National Central Library& National Repository Library on 28 December 2017. This project aims to build a branch in southern Taiwan to provide access to the book collections of the National Central Library, ensure the preservation of resources, maintain digital versions of collections, and provide various reader services. By taking the opportunity to establish a National Repository Library this proposal intends to the tackle the problem of limited storage space facing the National Central Library and national public libraries while also building the first digital object preservation center in Taiwan, which will collect digital resources of library materials that have been previously overlooked.

By building a branch of the National Central Library& National Repository Library and relying on forward-looking planning, this proposal will lead to the construction of a new library branch with a special style and vision while also allowing the public in southern Taiwan to enjoy a national-level public library.

The site of the proposed branch is located in Xinying District, Tainan City with an area of 5.71 hectares. The land was originally used as the site of a senior high school. The current construction coverage rate is 50% and the floor-area ratio is 200%. (The Tainan City government is currently handling the formalities to change the zoning from land use for high schools to agency use, which will require a construction coverage rate of 50% and the floor-area ratio of 250%). The budget for the main project construction is approximately NTD 2.499 billion (including building construction, hydropower, air-conditioning, etc.). With the addition of the indirect expenses and specialized equipment fee of the library and reservation center, the cost of the project amounts to around NTD 4.28208 billion.