The site of the proposed branch is located in the vicinity of Section 2 of Changrong Road and Section 1 of Jinhua Road, Xinying District, Tainan City.

There are a handful of external traffic routes to the site. The site is about 2.4km east of the No.1 Provincial Highway on Route 172 (locally, Changrong Road), a 5-minute drive. The site is also 3kmwest of the National Highway No.1 Xinying Interchange on Route 172 (locally, Changrong Road), a 6-minute drive. It is also 3km north of the Taitie Xinying Railway Station via Zhongzheng Road, a 10-minute drive. The Jiayi high speed rail station is 26 km to the north. Visitors in near Tainan City can reach the site within 1 hour by taking train or bus. The public in other areas can reach the site within half an hour of arriving at the Jiayi High-speed rail state by taking local transportation options.

On the north side of the site is Changrong Road, the main outer ring road of the Tainan downtown, which has a relatively larger traffic flow compared with Jinhua Road on the south side, but provides quick access to the National Highway No. 1 Xinying Interchange to the northeast side. Changrong Road is the main external road to the site.